The Fabulous Diner En Blanc NYC 2016

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It looks like a fairy tale…. Really! Almost like a movie scene! Or an all white dream…





But it’s none of the above, it is very real, and this reality is called Diner en Blanc with a French accent please!

On it’s 6th edition in NYC, and my third time, seems like each year it only gets bigger and better!

 I’s not everyday that you see a crowd all dressed in white with crazy hats, masks, carrying chairs, tables and baskets walking around the city right? So, when that happens, this question comes up several times, maybe a couple of thousand…  What is Diner en Blanc???

 So, bellow is all you need to know about this amazing experience that intrigues so many outsiders.

Dîner en Blanc New York 2016

Everything started in 1988 when the founder of Dinner en Blanc François Pasquier wanted to gather all of his friends to reconnect after the family spent time abroad. Since his backyard wasn’t big enough, he had the idea to invite all of them for a picnic dinner party out at a public space, so the first Diner en Blanc was born and it took place in the Parc de Bagatelle in the Bois de Boulogne. Francois requested everyone to dress in white so they could find each other easy. And 28 years later…

The founder’s son, co-founder Aymeric Pasquier seen bellow in the photo, in 2009 together with Sandi Safi expanded the Diner en Blanc to Montreal, and founded Diner en Blanc International which has brought the event to those cities across four continents, mostly by a franchise model.



In NYC 5,000 lucky New Yorkers had the pleasure to be part of it, but the waiting list only for the city this year was 45,000 people, making it one of most exclusive and desired Manhattan event of the year.


Part of the tradition is that the location is kept secret until minutes before the event starts. And it changes every year, making it one of the coolest secret things to do in NYC and the hardest to crash. This year it took place at beautiful Robert F. Wagner Park, just north of Battery Park, with a breathtaking view of the Statue of Liberty as the background in the waters of the Hudson River.

 The coolness and traditions don’t stop there! It is mandatory that all guests bring their own food, tables, chairs, fine silverware, china, and decorations, all in white! The more extravagant and fabulous the better!







Talking about fabulous, style and elegance! Simply one of the most beautiful and stylish parties I ever been! Guests elaborate amazing extravagant gowns, hair pieces, led lighted outfits, fairy wings, tuxedos, wigs! They really spend time to create all of it!



Guests also had the option of choosing a pre-order decadent dinner prepared by the so famous celebrity chef Todd English.

Diner en Blanc New York 2016

In the picture bellow: Aymeric Pasquier Co-founder of Diner en Blanc International, celebrity chef Todd English and m0i.



Dinner officially started at sundown, marked by a massive gorgeous wave of white napkins in the air. Another great tradition.

Dîner en Blanc New York 2016









Dîner en Blanc New York 2016





When dinning, guests listened to a live Jazz band, while professionals swing danced around the venue in pairs.





14352495_909237562513438_7915207170706154797_oAnd even a FDNY harbor unit ship sailed by, spraying streams of water to mark the event and the sunset.


Dîner en Blanc New York 2016

 After dinner, the jazz band left to give place for a DJ that made the dance floor go crazy with great electronic, top pop hits and 80s and 90s hiphop, R&B and some pop rock.

Dîner en Blanc New York 2016

14409477_909241019179759_7208100302080551803_oObviously I also had to pick some of my favorite styles for the night!

Dîner en Blanc New York 2016






 After seen all of this, if you are wondering how you can be part of this amazing experience. You have 2 options. Or you need to know someone who is already registered as a host or leader and ask them to sponsor you to try to receive an invitation. Or you can register online and hope to one day receive an invitation code, if you get one, which is extremely hard, then you proceed to sign up. I told you it was exclusive and the waiting list is 45,000 only for NYC! But maybe you will get lucky! 14352342_909238592513335_6911561996394426178_o

Dîner en Blanc New York 2016



Closing with a golden key, or I should say with a white key… A picture of me and Aymeric Pasquier, the Co-founder of Diner en Blanc International. Merci Mr. Pasquier for one more amazing event!

Au revoir everyone and hopefully we can see you next year somewhere in the city dressed in all white!



Haviland Hollow Polo Cup at NYC Polo Club

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Hello everyone!

Last week I went to another Polo Match, as you’ve noticed I love attending Polo matches and try to go to as many as I can! This was a little different and more special than most of the others I’ve attended. First in part because all of the proceeds were given to a charity institution headed by no other than Georgina Bloomberg, the daughter of the former mayor of NYC Michael Bloomberg. The institutions names are the Pegasus Therapeutic Riding and The Riders Closet. I actually ended up sitting next to her at lunch, but I just gave her a discreet hi, then after she was honored for her philanthropist work I exchanged a few words with her and she’s a sweetheart!

Anyway, the second reason why this Polo Game event was different was because I was invited to be the judge of the hats, unusual for me, since I’ve received awards several times as the best hat this time I was judging them :-)

The whole event was quite different actually from the other polo matches that I’m used to, it had more families, more relaxing, a different vibe than the usual big and louder types, it was an enjoyable change of pace.

The Haviland Hollow Farm is beautiful and huge! I fell in love with it! And Sam and Fabiana, the owners are a adorably sweet people!





The games were, as always, very exciting and a thrill to watch.




And as I commented above the daughter of former mayo of NYC Michael Bloomberg, (picture below) the philanthropist Georgina Bloomberg received an honor for the charitable work she does of the hands of Sam Ramirez Jr. farm’s owner and friend of the Bloomberg family.



Georgina is a sweetheart! Here right after receiving the Pegassus Benevolence Award she poses for a picutre with me and Fabiana Ramirez (Polo player and owner of the farm with husband Sam Ramirez Jr).


I already said above that I was judging the hat competition and here I’m with some of the lovely contestants.


Dear Normans Cay, manager of  the well awarded restaurant Spur Tree in Manhattan.


Selfies session with my dear friend, the Nigerian prince Ade Adedeji, one of the best players at the event :-)unnamed-5

Me and Neal sending Ade good energy for good luck in the game.


Neal Cassidy ( Scott Disick that’s how the girls call him) my dear friend came from Philly to enjoy this beautiful day with us!


Special thanks to my amazing non alcoholic drink made with cucumbers, grapefruit and lime yumm!


They actually had amazing drinks and cocktails!


The party sponsors brought plenty of Veuvet Clicquot, among other amazing liquors from Zachy’s Wine and Liquor Store.


The menu from Loosie’s Rouge was simply delicious!


And the party couldn’t get any better beats with the daughter of royalty when it comes to music, Alexandra Richards, Rolling Stone’s princess is Keith Richard’s daughter, and she definitely has music skills! Her music was fantastic to dance!


Here she is with Sam Ramirez Jr. before the dance floor got packed.


There were two tends with food, drink and beautiful people, and also some of the guests made themselves comfortable to watch the matches on the grass. 11879017_441112582742970_5014200841989850471_o

Super relaxing!


Also there were plenty of chairs and tables spread troughout the park for those who want to enjoy it under the sun.


When I met the supermodel Phill Sullivan :-) I was already a fan before… Now OMG he is awesome! And super handsome!


Selfie with the fabulous hat divas the TV Producer Ginger Broderick that used a hat from the famous designer Susan Van Der Linde Couture Milliner and the beautiful Darleen Troutan that was looking gorgeous with that hat in ivory and gold.


And speaking of the hats, the competition between men was tough, and the film director and Emmy Awards Cary Fukunaga that left women without breath with his fabulous hat ( in the picture he is moving can’t see well)


And the group of the women’s finalists were great also! Are you curious to know who won? Well, you will have to wait to see all about it in the second post! For this one not to be too long, which I think it already is, I will separate the fashion part with the best looks of the guests and hats and with details of my look on Wednesday’s post.

I hope you enjoyed it and are excited to see the second post!

Straight from NYC to the world, bye!!! See you tomorrow right here with an amazing recipe by the amazing chef Marilyn Chudda! Stay tuned!










Brazilian Day NYC 2015 Retrospective

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Hello Citizens of the world!

Here comes another Brazilian Day! A very special that started 30 years ago, and one I’ve been covering annually since 2008. The biggest Brazilian party in the world outside of Brazil and meets on average 1.6 million people in an afternoon in Manhattan, raiding about 25 city blocks! And over the years I interviewed quite nice people, had fun, met especial ones, many who are part of my life until this day! And I decided to do a flash back album to celebrate and reminisce really memorable moments! Photos interviewing, before the interviews, following interviews … we have everything! What I could gather anyway.

Note: Photos are not in the annual order.

I hope you enjoy! Kisses already super excited for another BRAZILIAN DAY! From NYC to the world!


Fernanda Lima (Brazilian actress, model, businesswoman, journalist, and television host).


Flavia Alessandra (Brazilian actress)


Leo from the band Vitor e Leo being photo bombed by Caca Santos Miss Brazil USA’s CEO and fans in the background.


Vitor e Leo. (Brazilian sertanejo duo made up of the brothers Vitor Chaves and Leonardo Chaves)


Elba Ramalho (Brazilian songwriter, performer, poet and actress. She is sometimes called “The Queen of ForrĂł”).


Marcelo D2 (Brazilian rapper)


Andrezinho Marques (Brazilian actor, TV host and entertainer).


Lazaro Ramos (Brazilian actor)


Regina Case (Brazilian actress, comedian, television host, and director.


Serginho Groissman (Brazilian television presenter and journalist).


Elza Soares (Brazilian Samba singer)


Marco Maximo and Marcelo Malchier


Saulo from Banda Eva


Jorge Ben (Brazilian popular musician)


Before interviewing the singers Zeze Di Camargo e Luciano the fans invaded!


This shows only my microphone and my hair shows up, the fans going crazy on top of her!


Betty Farias being photobombed above.


Luciano Huck being photo bombed by one of his security guards.


The dear Romero Britto, world wide known artist.


My dear friend Barbara, model and Miss Brasil USA at the time.


Our dear founder of this wonderful party that is the Brazilian Day! Every year I interview him! If I don’t it doesn’t feel right! Just it’s not the same thing!


Lovely actress Daniela Escobar.


Part of the Veja TV’S crew.331622_10150274996616292_1819637_o

MC Mortao (Brazilian rapper)


Yves Goulart.

1264146_638701136164826_443149430_o Selfie green and yellow.


My dear Cristina Natividade, friend and partner of microphones.


Part of the Crew Veja TV









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